Coledale Markets were born in 2003 . It was and still is, an initiative of the Wollongong Produce & Creative TradersMarkets a weeklyFriday Produce & Art market in the heart of Wollongong city.

Coledale School markets has traveled through the early years of minimal stalls ,wild weather and road closures as the Seacliff bridge was built in
2005.  It has now become a supported and well loved part of the community .. running on the 4th Sunday of every month.

The Market has raised the profile of Coledale School in the local Community. The local community are keen to support a local Market as most families in Coledale have some connection with the school. Whether its past, present or future, the children, and adults all have some sort of link with the school. The community is also able to "give something back" to the School by supporting the Market which in real terms means increased stalls and more income for the school.

The Coledale market is a game of chance-you can have more anticipation than money, trusting a pantheon of shopping deities, who have been
blessing a good bargain since humans first came down from the trees to haggle.  At Coledale market you stroll around ready to receive. And receive you usually do, if you can stop talking to the other customers long enough to rifle through the stalls of pre loved clothes, books, earrings, crockery, paintings, beautiful handmade knits and soaps. If you can withstand the scent of curry and coffee, fresh bread & cakes, you can get some serious shopping done.

Be prepared to meet the whole community there. Music, food and conversation. The market settles itself in for the day in the local school grounds, in between the ocean and the escarpment.

Coledale markets information please contact

Lara 0422781920 or
Jenny 0425277118

Applications: Please apply by email at the start of the month. Find the application form HERE